The Vice President of India – Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu

The Vice-President of India is the second-highest constitutional office in India after the President. Article 63 of Indian Constitution states that “there shall be a Vice-President of India.” The Vice-President acts as President in the absence of the President due to death, resignation, impeachment, or other situations.

The Vice-President of India is also ex officio Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha. When a bill is introduced in Rajya Sabha, vice-president decides whether it is a financial bill or not. If he is of the opinion, a bill introduced in the Rajya Sabha is a money bill, he would refer the case to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha for deciding it.

Article 66 of the Indian Constitution states the manner of election of the Vice-President. The Vice-President is elected indirectly by members of an electoral college consisting of the members of both Houses of Parliament in accordance with the system of Proportional Representation by means of the Single transferable vote and the voting is by secret ballot conducted by election commission.

Shri. Venkaiah Naidu is the current Vice President of India. He defeated UPA’s candidate Gopalkrishna Gandhi on 5 August 2017 election.

Positions Held
1971 : President, Students’ Union, V.R. College, Nellore;
1973-74 : President, Students’ Union, Andhra University Colleges;
1974 : Convener, Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Kshatra Sangharsha Samiti of Andhra Pradesh;
1977-80 : President, Youth Wing of Janata Party, Andhra Pradesh;
1978-85 : Member, Legislative Assembly, Andhra Pradesh;
1980-83 : Vice-President, Youth Wing of All India B.J.P.;
1980-85 : Leader, B.J.P. Legislature Party in Andhra Pradesh;
1985-88 : General Secretary, Andhra Pradesh State B.J.P.;
1988-93 : President, Andhra Pradesh State Unit of B.J.P.;
1993-Sept. 2000 : General Secretary, All India B.J.P.;
April 1998 : Elected to Rajya Sabha from Karnataka (first term);
2002-2003 : Member, Committee on Home Affairs; Member, Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Agriculture;
Dec. 1999-2001 : Member, Committee on Finance;
Jan. 2000-Feb. 2004 : Member, Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Rural Development;
30 Sept. 2000-30 June 2002 : Minister of Rural Development;
July 2002-Dec. 2003 : National President, B.J.P.;
Jan. 2003- Feb. 2004 : Member, Committee on External Affairs;
Jan. 2004-Oct. 2004 : National President, B.J.P. (second term);
July 2004 : Re-elected to Rajya Sabha from Karnataka (second term);
Aug. 2004-May 2009 : Member, Committee on Finance;
Oct. 2004-May 2009 : Member, Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution;
April 2005-Jan. 2006 : Senior Vice-President, B.J.P.;
Jan. 2006-July 2017 : Member, Parliamentary Board of B.J.P. and Central Election Committee;
Sept. 2006-Sept. 2009 : Chairman, Committee on Petitions;
Oct. 2006-May 2014 : Member, General Purposes Committee;
Dec. 2008-Aug. 2013 : Member, Tobacco Board;
Aug. 2009-May 2014 : Chairman, Committee on Home Affairs;
July 2010 : Re-elected to Rajya Sabha from Karnataka (third term) (resigned w.e.f. 23 June 2016);
April-Nov. 2011 : Chairman, Sub-Committee to examine various provisions of the Enemy Property (Amendment & Validation) Second Bill, 2010 of the Committee on Home Affairs;
Dec. 2011-May 2014 : Vice-President, Parliamentary Forum on Disaster Management;
26 May 2014-5 July 2016 : Minister of Urban Development; Minister of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation; and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs;
July 2016 : Elected to Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan (fourth term) (resigned w.e.f. 10 August 2017);
5 July 2016-17 July 2017 : Minister of Urban Development; Minister of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation; and Minister of Information and Broadcasting;
11 August 2017 onwards : Vice-President of India and Ex-officio Chairman, Rajya Sabha

Interests and Countries Visited
Agriculture and social work; motivating voluntary organizations, engaged in constructive work in fields of agriculture, health, vocational education & training, animal care etc.
U.S.A., U.K., Malaysia, Singapore, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Australia, Mauritius, Maldives, Thailand, South Korea, Spain, Italy, Germany, Egypt, Dubai (U.A.E.), Hong-Kong, Cambodia and Austria

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